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The ideal cooked look of an Aran-Lamburgerie Hi there and welcome to our
                        *Burgerie Cooking Page*.
This is the 'First Edition' of the 'Gourmet Organic Aran-Lamburgerie e-Cook-Book'.

Because our 'Lamb Burgers' are so scrumptiously delicious we have called them something entirely new! - 'LamBUGERies' - They are in a class, a quality far above the ordinary - THEY ARE DEFINITELY NOT ANYTHING LIKE THE FOLLOWING.......
Round things with doubtful (MRM) content. In flashy packaging which costs as much as the content!
Our 'Organic' Aran-Lamburgeries are 'hand-made' from the very finest 100% Welsh Mountain Breed Meat - FACT-POINT: Without any seasoning, or fillers. Yes, would you believe NO SALT or any flavouring! They are truly 100% real QUALITY meat and a 'classic' gastronimic treat! So here are some ideas for you to try. However, beware only try these serving suggestions with 'Organic Aran-Lamb' - They may taste awful using any other meat source.
Remember - You have been warned!


The ideal cooked look of an Aran-Lamburgerie

Many NEW ways and NEW things about ~
'Organic' Aran-Lamburgeries.

Eat your Aran-Lamburgeries with Buttered New Potatoes and Butter Cooked Green Peas. Cooked from frozen without water in the microwave. Just butter!
Serve with one of our fast, splendid 'ZAPPadoo' sauce's.
Yes, - Try out our fast made fabulous 'Kwiksawse' - Our Supa-Sawse garnish!

Aran-Lamburgeries with Kwiksawse -
For 2 people:

Fry your Aran-Lamburgeries in a dry fry-pan, cook to Golden Brown, as in the picture.
Serve with green peas or mixed vegetables, chips or New Potatoe's. DELICIOUS!

To make the sauce (sawse!)…………Mix it in a jug.
One measure of Salad Cream or Mayonnaise.
One measure of Tomator Ketchup any variety.
Half a meaure of HP Sauce. Or Similar Brown.
Chop up fine 4 Pickled Gerkins or 2 Pickled Baby Cucumbers.

Now. To make it a luxury sauce!! ADD - One measure of Double Cream!
Mix them all together in a jug and serve from the jug at the table.

Your diners really will - EnJoY!


It's time you tried our Aran-'Lamburgeries' Mid-Winter Warmer.

The ideal cooked look of an Aran-Lamburgerie

'Organic' Aran-'Lamburgeries'
Dinner Plate Philler. -
For 2 people:

Warm 'U' Fast. ~ Feed 'U' Full:

Cooked - In a Casserole with leek's, carrots and small potatoes:
Get a pot with a lid (Pottery or Metal).
Skin - Peel and chop a medium size onion.
Put the Aran-Lamburgerie's (2 or 4 according to your hunger) On top of the Chopped Onion.
(You can here put in a clove or two of garlic.)

On top of the Lamburgerie's place one Vegetable Leek. (Cut into 4 sections.) Place alongside 4 or more peeled (Cut into half) potatoes.
You can add a few chopped carrot, frozen peas or Frozen Mixed Vegetables.
Now get '1' cube of Lamb Stock and dissolve it in no more than a cup of warm water.
If you really want super flavour add salt and pepper here.
Pour over the vegetables and cook for 1 hour
In a 'hot oven'. - Gas Regulo '6' - 350F.

Serve on a table-mat in the middle of the dinner table with a large serving spoon and a basket of Hot Fresh Bread and 'farmhouse' butter.
You need it to soak up the cooking liquor.

Your diners really will - EnJoY!


Aran-'Lamburgeries' are even delicious on Christmas night?

As you sit waiting for Father Christmas.
Or any evening when you want a quick snack that is a full meal! Fast!!

The ideal cooked look of an Aran-Lamburgerie

Flavourful & Festive Aran-'Gourmet Bergeries'. - For 2 people:

As you sit waiting for Father Christmas to drop-by in. Or any winters evening when it's Cold outside and you fancy something quick and tasty
Try our Aran-'Lamburgeries' - Flavourful Festive & Tasty:

You will need 4 slices of 'Toast' Thick Bread for 2 'Gourmet' Bergaries.
(If you are very hungry, add a couple of extra slices and an extra Burgerie!)
You will need a packet of Sage and Onion (Or Parsley and Thyme) Stuffing.
You will need a thick oven-proof 6" inch deep bowl.

As 'Jimmy Young' would say - "And here is what you jolly well do!"
Mix the stuffing, about a cupful of stuffing, with hot water.
Put in a knob of butter and mix in till melted.
Now put the wet stuffing into the bottom of the oven bowl.
Now put a big knob of butter on the top.
Put it into the 'very hot' oven (Hot - Regulo-7/8 - 400F)
Bake until brown and crispy on top.

Make your toast, 2 slices for each Aran-Burgerie you fry or grill.
Butter the toast and place the cooked Burgerie onto the bottom piece.
Now spread the crispy stuffing over the meat and if you want,
You can spread the top piece of toast with - French Dijon Mustard or
Blackcurrant Jelly. A real treat is a light spread of tinned truffle spread
onto the top piece of toast.

Serve with washed fresh watercress
and dressed with fresh fine cut or chopped raw 'leek'.
The ideal cooked look of an Aran-Lamburgerie

To finish off any of the above Aran-Lamb Banquet's try a bottle of Chateau Fronsac, or a Bulgarian Melot.

Your diners really will - EnJoY!


In closing:- The use and suggestion of 'Butter' in these methods are all optional. You may be on a fat-free diet. Try the vegetables with a drop of Olive Oil. Or as they are, natural.

These are just three of the latest 'Organic' Aran-Lamburgerie Serving suggestions.
Look out for our *September Edition* of the 'Gourmet Organic Aran-Lamburgerie' Cook-Book.


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