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This Professionaly prepared "Cook Site" has been devised and written by a great Production Team. Produced specifically for the 'Organic' Aran-Lamb Brand web-site. The Webmaster, Peter Lomas of ''. The Chef, a famous North Wales cook. A Welsh Photographer and most importantly 'The Farmers Wife',(My Mag's) produced this 'simple-key' to unlocking the best flavor's, and use, from your Special Box of 'Organic Aran-Lamb'.

We produce the 'Traditional' Butchered Roast, Casserole & Grill Box. Each Box contains ½Lamb. So, when you order a whole lamb, you will get two boxes. Your whole lamb will be two ½lamb's butchered specifically to get the best from your purchase. It also allows us to mix ½ boxes to achieve the average weight range.
Now that's service!

Your 'Organic' Aran-Lamb
'Traditionally' Butchered ~ Each Box Contains
the cuts described below.

Your Half Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb.
Half Aran Lamb.
Producing Quality for generation's - Mean's I have set the rules - 'Keep it simple' - So all we need to do is describe what is in each box. The weight range of your 'Organic' Aran-Lamb will be between 12 Kilo to 14 Kilo. As you have already noticed, we sell by specification, not by weight.

With this display we just cannot do justice to the lean and succulent Aran-Lamb. Especially in such small images. What we have tried to do here is give you some idea of what you will find, individually packed to keep all that wonderful flavour in. Also, it is important to 'Protect' your food, both in shipment and during storage in your deep-freeze. So, exactly what will you find in your 'Traditionally' Butchered 'Organic' ½Aran-Lamb box?
Leg of Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb.
Full leg of lamb.
[2] World famous is a claim we can make about 'Welsh Mountain Lamb'. For many years and many generations, Butchers have been seeking this quality of lamb for their special customers. Nation-wide many diners, have for generations, recognised this 'star' dish for their Sunday Lunch, or cold for salad, or with fresh watercress in sandwiche's. Yes, the famous - Roast Leg of Welsh Lamb - Appearing on most menu's in our Hotels and Restaurants of Britain's Western World. Cooked correctly, served with 'mint sauce', spring fresh vegetables and buttered new potatoes, this is a dish to delight any diner. Serve for special occasions, or just as the best 'roast' joint on the menu. Featuring as the cook's special recommendation, at home or in the most fashionable restaurant's. In each box you have One 'whole leg' of Organic' Aran-Lamb. For cooking recipe we have outlined some below.
Shoulder of Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb.
The Shoulder of Lamb.
[3] At the 'quality' and richness of my 'Organic' Aran-Lamb really comes through to the diner with the shoulder. 'Mountain Organic Lamb' Shoulders are both lean and extremely tasty. I personally prefer the flavour of the shoulder of my lamb's. Cook a little longer than the 'Leg above' and you will discover one of the most tasty roast dishes to be devised using 'Organic' Aran-Lamb. On this page are detailed some excellent recipes for you to try and experiment with. The lamb shoulders are both tender, lean and tasty, no matter how you cook them, you are in for a real 'tasty' treat.

The potential of the shoulder of 'Organic' Aran-Lamb includes 'Mock Duck' and of course the cut chunks for Kebab's, Casseroles and strong stew's. Wonderful meat and very versatile. See the recipes described here in full below.
'QUALITY' ~ 'Loin' of Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb.

The Loin of Aran-Lamb.
[4] The difficulty with producing images which can do justice to the wonderful pink colour and texture of 'Organic' Aran-Lamb. It is actual size against image size. The Loin Chops from an Aran-Lamb.The Loin shown in the side panel of this display is cut by 'our butcher' into a selection of 'middle loin' and 'best end of the neck' chops. This selection of grilling, frying or Barbecue meat cuts provides a number of versatile options from your box of half and 'Organic' Aran-Lamb'.The Loin Chops from an Aran-Lamb. The special thing about 'middle loin chops', is that there are only five in every side of lamb. These will be cut from the loin, look out for them when you remove the protective packaging. These are you special 'Dinner Party' lamb cuts. Below you will see the recipes and exciting things your cooking can produce for your family or guests. Yes, the 'Loin of 'Organic' Aran-Lamb give's pride again in cooking. Beautiful produce to develop your skills even further.
'QUALITY' ~ 'Breast or Spare Rib' of Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb. The meat cut name and description.
[5] The old name for this 'cut' of 'Organic' Aran-Lamb for many year's, generations in fact, it was called 'Breast of Lamb' - Then came the Barbecue! Not long after came the 'Spare Rib' of 'pork', followed by the 'spare rib' of lamb. In your Traditional 'Box' of Organic Aran-Lamb you will find your 'Spare Rib' ready chopped - With this you can Barbecue or 'Pot Roast' or even 'Casserole'. The Spare Ribs of Aran-Lamb.Below you will see a few of the exciting cooking options. The 'Spare Rib' of an 'Organic' Aran-Lamb is both tender, sweet and tasteful. It will be a favorite with your guests or family. Make's great nibbles when its has been marrinated over-night in a 'special' mixture? See below, your exciting culinary adventure starts here. This really is 'Ready Steady Cook'! So, think of the options with just 1 in every box.
'Organic' Aran-Lamb

The meat cut name and description.
[6] By the way, you can do this with any part of an 'Aran-Lamb'. The Spare Robs, Chops, Leg End of the long leg. Any part will cook like this. Smell the house out with 'good' food!


THE CUT NAME ~ & ~ Number.
Here you see the cut & name above.
Dear Friends,
With the help of many of our friends, and of course, those who have worked hard to make this a 'unique' web-site. Here are a collection of Traditional Recipes and special ideas. You may also have some ideas, why not send them to us. We would be delighted to have them for inclusion. I will even start my idea of a fun 'Ladies Page'.
Best Wishes.
Margaret Thomas.(Her indoors!)
[1] LEG OF 'Organic' Aran-Lamb. The 'Leg of Lamb' - Section [1].
Orange glazed Roast of Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb.

The Leg or Shoulder joint.
3 Oranges.
4 tablespoons of clear honey.
Salt and Pepper.

Grate the rind from 1 orange and remove 3 tablespoons of juice.
Cut the ring from the other 2 oranges into thin strips and cut out the orange segments removing all pith, peel, pups and skin.
Sprinkle the grated rind over the inside of the meat. (The cut side) Season the joint with salt and pepper. Roast for 1 to 2 hours at 375 degrees 'F' or Gas mark '5'.
Remove from the oven mix the honey with the orange juice and pour half of it over the joint. Return the joint to the oven for a final 30minutes. Basting 2 or 3 times with the orange and honey mixture each time.
Meanwhile cook the strips of orange rind in water until tender. Drain and put in small pan with orange segments and the remaining honey and orange mixture. Heat gently and serve with the lamb.
[2] 'SHOULDER' OF 'Organic' Aran-Lamb.The 'Shoulder of Lamb' - Section [2].
The recipe's for 'Shoulder of Lamb'.

The special tasty treat -
Mild lamb Curry - T serve 4 (Cooking time 2¼ hours.)

2. :8ozs Of any cuts from Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb.
1 Onion Sliced.
1 Carrot Sliced.
2 Onions chopped.
2 tablespoons of Korma or Madras Curry powder.
¾ pint of lamb stock.
2 ozs of Sultanas.
1 Small Apple peeled and grated.

Cook the Cuts of 'Organic' Aran-Lamb in water with sliced onions and carrots for about 1 hour.
Fork the meat of the bone, Retain the stock. Heat the oil in saucepan and fry the chopped onion until soft - Stir in the curry powder and cook for 5min. Add meat, stock, apple and sultana, cover and simmer for 1 hour.
[3] 'LOIN OF 'Organic' Aran-Lamb. The 'Loin of Lamb' - Section [3].
Lamb Casserole. (Serves 4 - Cooking time 2-1/4 hours.)

2Lb of breast's or shoulder of Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb.
Cut this into pieces or chops.
3 Dessertspoons of oil.
1 Onion sliced.
1 sticks of Celery chopped.
2 carrots sliced.
1 Leek, cut in to 1inch pieces.
2 teaspoonful of chopped parsley.
2 Green paper chopped.
¾ Pint of stock from a 'lamb cube'
Fry the meat lightly in oil - Remove from the pan. Now fry the onion until soft. Return the meat to the pan and add the celery, carrots, leek, parsley, green pepper and season. Pour in stock, cover and leave to cook very gently for about 2 hours. Any lean cut of lamb, cut into pieces, may be used for this recipe.
[4] 'SPARE RIB's OF 'Organic' Aran-Lamb. The 'Spare Rib's of Lamb' - Section [4].
A tasty winter warmer.

Mushroom and paprika are the special ingredients, which turn this lamb casserole into an extra tasty and quite economical winter warmer.
Perfect - for the bleak seasons of the year. What you need.
8 Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb Cutlets. (Take any cuts from your Lamb-Box)
2 tablespoons of oil.
3 Potatoes sliced.
4 carrots cut into sticks.
2 Onions sliced.
½ Lb of mushroom.
2 Bay leaves.
½ ozs of Plain Flour.
2 level tablespoons of Paprika.
1 pint of stock.
Heat the oil in a large shallow pan. And seal the cutlets on both side. Turn the meat into a casserole with the vegetables, season with salt and pepper and add the bay leaves. Stir the flour with the meat juices in the pan, add the paprika, and stir in the stock. Bring to the boil and pour into the casserole. Cover the dish and cook and cook in the oven - 350degrees 'F' Gas mark 4 - Cook for 1½hour's or 2 hours, until the meat is tender and to your liking.
[5] 'Neck End or any Cut's off The 'Organic' Aran-Lamb. The 'Spare Rib's of Lamb' - Section [5].
The Wonderful Easy 'Filling and Tasty' Dish.

Just pop these meaty neck-end chops in a cooking pot. Peel and chop into bits one or two onions. (If you like Garlic, drop a couple of small chopped cloves in, or lots! If your a garlic junkie!) Drop them all into the pot with the meat. If you want, you can add leek's, carrot's, parsnip's, whole small mushroom's. Just about any vegetables - Potatoes is you want. Now the rich gravy - Note this is not a sauce. This is an 'Old-Fashioned Farmhouse Gravy' - The sort to dip your hot french roll or Farmhouse 'Wholemeal' chunky bread bits into. If you are really into eating real food. Fresh butter on the bread before you soak up the gravy is wonderful. Mix a table-spoonful of flour (self-raising or plain) with a cup-full of cold water into a creamy smooth mixture. Get one or two 'lamb' cubes for the stock, melt them in a cup of hot/boiling water. Get three cups of cold water in a jug, pour in the warm stock cup. Now pour in the flour and water cream. Whisk to make sure it is fully mixed. No lumps. You will only get lumps if you did not make it creamy in the cup when you first mixed it - Pour this liquid over the 'chops' in the pot. Salt and pepper. You like 'Curry'? Put ½ a small teaspoon of Korma/Madras Curry powder into the pot now! Put on the lid. Place it on the middle shelf in a moderate oven. Say 200F or Reg7 for gas. Just 'pop' the coffee on, get a good book, or, go back to the computer to get more ideas from the 'Farmhouse Cookbook' - Anyway. Forget it in a hot oven for 3+hours. What do you get. A rich light coloured gravy, with the hint of curry if you fancy it, over tender tasty succullent chops with the meat just dropping of the bone. If you did not put vegetables in to cook with it, you could also have new potatoes, green blanched spring cabbage, buttered chunks of carrots. Finally - make this with just leek's chopped up in the pop and cooked as above and you have a traditional Welsh Farmhouse Dish. Lamb and Leek's. Wonderful.
[6] 'Those FAMOUS 'LAMB CHOPS' from 'Organic' Aran-Lamb. The WELSH ORGANIC 'ARAN-LAMB' CHOP - Section [6].
The delight and exciting ways of cooking the world famous 'LAMB CHOP'.

The [1] First special tasty treat recipe -
Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb Chops. Serve 6 (Cooking time - 20 to 35 min.)

6 Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb Chops.
2 ozs Butter.
1 Onion chopped.
½ a cucumber chopped.
7ozs can of Sweet Corn, drained.
Salt and pepper.

Grill the chops for 15 to 20 min - meanwhile melt the butter in a saucepan add onion, cucumber and sweet corn. Season and cook gently For 10 min. Serve chops on a bed of the corn mixture.

The [2] Second special tasty treat recipe -
Crispy Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb 'Cutlets' (Serves 4)

8 Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb cutlets. Or
4 Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb Loin chops.
Or you can use shoulder or leg steaks.

Flour for coating.
2 walnuts or salted peanuts (Finely chopped.)
1 ozs of Cornflakes.
Beat 1 egg.
Oil for shallow frying.

Mix together the nuts and corn-flake
Rub the cutlets or chops with salt and pepper.
Then coat lightly with flour.
Dip the cutlets or chops in the beaten egg.
Dip the cutlets or chops into the nut and corn-flake
mixture - pressing it on well.

Shallow fry for 5 to 8 min on each side until well browned and cooked through.

The [3] Third special tasty treat recipe -
Spicy Lamb Chops - For 2.

2 Loin Chops.
Salt and Pepper.
1½ ozs of Butter.
2 streaky rashers of bacon, rind off cut into 2 inch strips.
1 small onion chopped.
2 ozs of Mushrooms sliced.
2 small tomatoes - Skinned, sliced and de-seeded.
¼ pint of stock.
1 teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce.

Rub the chops with salt and pepper.
Melt the butter in the fry pan.
Add the chops and brown lightly on both sides.
Transfer the chops to a casserole dish.
Add the bacon, onions and mushrooms to the frying pan.
Fry until the onion is softened.
Stir in the remaining ingredient's - Bring to the boil.
Pour the mixture over the chops in the casserole.
Cover and cook in the pre-heated oven 350 degrees 'F' Gas mark. 4. For 30 to 40min.

The [4] Fourth special tasty treat recipe -
The Famous 'Crown' Roast of Welsh 'Organic' Aran-Lamb.

2 Best end of Neck of lamb each with 6 cutlets.
1 Small onion chopped.
3 sticks of Celery finely chopped.
3 ozs White Bread Crumbs.
2 tablespoons of chopped parsley.
1 beaten egg to bind the stuffing.
Corn Oil for Roasting,

Make the Stuffing first.

Celery & Onion Stuffing.
Heat the oil and fry the onions and celery until soft.
Add the Bread Crumbs Parsley and season.
When cool - Bind with the beaten egg.

Preparing the 'Crown Roast' Trim the end of each 'rib bone' evenly.
And chop half way through the bone at the base of each cutlet, so that each piece of meat may be shaped into a semi-circle.
Remove the skin and/or excess fat from the meat. Cut 1½ inches down from the end of the cutlet's and scrape the meat away leaving the tips of the bones as clean as possible. Place the pieces of meat on either side of a jam jar, bending them round to form a circle. Tie the meat securely with string. Cover the tips of the bones with cooking foil. Place in a roasting tin an baste with corn-oil.
Remove the jam-jar from the centre of the crown and fill with the stuffing. Cook in moderately hot oven - 375 degrees 'F' or Gas mark '5' for 1 to 1 3/4 hours.
Place on a warm serving dish. Remove the string and foil and garnish the tip of each cutlet with a frill. Arrange fresh orange segments in the centre.


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