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You may contact
or order Prime Welsh Aran Mountain Lamb at:

Maldwyn Thomas.
Fferm CwmOnnen. Llanuwchllyn. Bala.
Gwynedd. North Wales. LL23 - 7UG.
Telephone: 01678-540603
~ e.mail: ~

The Flag of Wales.

Aran Lamb Logo.
'Organic' ~ the TENTH  year bringing 'Quality' & 'Flavour' to the web everyday. ~ Today is:-
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Organic 'Aran-Lamb' Roasting Joint's.[1]

With the 'organic Aran-Lamb' traditional Butcher Box, you get 2 good sized 'prime'; Leg of Lamb. Plus 2 Lean Juicy Shoulders and 2 racks of Lamb Spare Rib. They are all for roasting. This IS 'Organic' quality. Just the food for a hungry family. Delicious!

Organic 'Prime' Tender Loin Chops.[2]

The 'prime' ˝ 'Aran-Lamb' butcher prepared expensive middle loin chops. Only 5 or 6 to ˝ an 'Aran-Lamb. These are the most expensive cut's in your Multiple Store Butchery. You get the full value buying ˝ an 'Aran-Lamb'. Just delicious & Lean! Real Prime Value.

Traditional Butchered Whole & ˝ Lamb.[3]

All that you can ask for in a 'Quality' Aran-Lamb ˝Minced Lamb Pack. 1. Lean Shoulder and 1.Juicy Leg Roast's, Chops, Steaks and 'spare-rib' for casserole or barbecue. Pack of Minced Lean Lamb. No need to get the cook-book out - See the Farmhouse Cook's Page.

Traditional Butchered Quality ˝ Lamb.[3]

All that you can ask for in a 'Quality' Aran-Lamb ˝Lamb Pack. 1. Lean Shoulder and 1.Juicy Leg Roast's, Chops, Steaks and 'spare-rib' for casserole or barbecue. Pack of Minced Quality Lamb. The only 'single' supply source. A traceable quality Brand. Excellence.

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In the final gasp of 2005 Margaret Thomas won yet another award for quality & delicious Food with 'Organic' Aran-Lamb.Wow!

Such winning ways in 2005
for our success.

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What a fantastic year 2005. So many points of recognition and awards. The 'Open-Day' for 'Farm Connect' and 'Cymad' established 'Fferm Cwm Onnen' as one of the Premier Hill Farm's in Wales. It is wonderful to see such an increasing percentage of repeat orders. As well as our product quality and super delivery, we have many positive components making 'Organic' Aran-Lamb and Mutton our customers 'Number One' choice. Shop with us and have that old fashioned service --We really care. Regards. Margaret Thomas.

UK 01678-540603

Harvey Nichols - London. Retail Stockist.. 10 GENERATIONS HAVE FARMED CWM ONNEN FARM
The Traceability of our Organic Flock is 100% out of our own ancient bloodline.

How *Fresh* is 'Fresh'?
~ What is 'Organic' Fresh? ~

Because of the way we produce and sell our food in this modern world, we may never know how long the food we buy has been on the road, or flying round the world before we purchase it. Modern distribution has changed both the way we buy, as well as the way we think. Buying your food directly from a producer, be it meat, vegetables or other food produce, provides you with extremely valuable security considerations. Because of volume, the multiple store is unable to provide you with security of origin and handling. There is a word waiting to become almost the mantra of the food guru, those fashion influencer's of the media industry. These are the people who make comment's and set style, taste and desire's which the food industry must run, like ducks on a fast stream, to keep up with. The 'fad' of the moment. The specialist producer is the prime source of food with 'traceability'. As the world changes and our need for 'pure' food without additives grows and grows, the prime or specialist producer becomes increasingly more important. Their value is in there contribution to health and the intake of pure food during the development and maturity of children and young people. - Continued...2

The 'QUICK' Delivery to your Kitchen Door. By our Selected Special Delivery System. Anywhere in The EUROPEAN COMMUNITY. The BUY NOW button. Channel Island's and Northern Scotland by quote. European Union by SPECIAL FAST Delivery Quote. Reliability First & Fast.
*Latest Urgent News* - Orders and Delivery Profiles.
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Those 'Secret' place's of North Wales Revealed. By Maldwyn's Secret Wales.
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The Chusser PAn Set
The Go Button The everyday life on a Hill-farm. Better read than the 'Archer's? Sunset at Fferm CwmOnnen. The enchanting story as it is!
~ FARM ~

The Go Button The Page we started with selling the 'Organic' Aran-Lamb Brand. The Farm Shop at Fferm CwmOnnen.
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Who - What - Where is meat reared and Is it a Welsh Farm? See our Flock History & Quality.
The Welsh Mountain Breed 1931 Flock-Book.

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The *Premier* Hill Farm of Wales welcomes 'Farm Connect' and 'Cymad' Guests from the whole of Wales. A memorable & unique event.
The 'Tom Keys'

The Go Button 100+ RUNNERS The *King of the Mountains Series*. This link will take you to the pix and results of the 07. + other years.
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Mr Thomas Senior. Here also the web-site dedication to my father/grand-father.
'QUICK' Delivery into The EUROPEAN COMMUNITY. The BUY NOW button.

2 - Continued:
Food additive 'Hyper-activity' has become almost a normal state in some regions. It is these children whose bodies have started to reject the chemical's. Pure food, from known source's is becoming, not a fad, but a necessity. Your purchse of 'Organic Aran-Lamb' puts you and your family at the leading edge of careful and sensible food sourcing. Good food must be sourced from good producers. There are no residues in 'Organic' food. This is it's real value. Because it is direct 'producer to consumer', the freshness is automatically assured. Fresh food looks and smells quite different to mass produced, bulk irradiated, 'E' additive stuffed food. Regular 'Organic' shoppers know this and value the incresing choice.

Written by
Maldwyn Thomas &
Donnan Anrias

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True Taste of Wales Logo.
True  Taste  Of  Wales 
~ Premier  Quality ~ 

Competition Winners 2006/7 
True Taste of Wales Logo.
The Rainbow Bar effect.

Many Years of Success.
Now Driving Impressive Growth
and Development.

Report By: Donnan Anrias. Writer and Broadcaster.

'Talent, Tradition and Product Traceability' are three of the major components of the national success enjoyed by the winning farm of 'Organic Aran-Lamb. This Premier Welsh Hill Farm is situated amidst the beautiful Aran Mountains range, along the southern boundary of the impressive landscape of the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. In a few words I can only try to help you appreciate their successful status through this 'virtual world' of the 'Organic Aran Lamb' web-site. However, your appreciation of 'Organic' Aran-Lamb team effect which will help you value their super service, customer dedication and of course their impressive product range, combined with highest quality, 24 hour delivery throughout the United Kingdom which has really impressed thousands of loyal customers. This commitment you will receive from the web-site team; the super service potential of your real world contact, will display to you why 'Organic' Aran Lamb is one of the True Taste of Wales Awards very special - "Six of the best" - Winners in this new millennium. Welsh organic producer's pride themselves on supplying some of the finest quality produce in the world. The very landscape of Wales reflects freshness, quality and tradition, from milk products, beers through to wines, Welsh fresh 'organic' meats and excellent seafood. Principality of Wales has 'Organic' Aran Lambs a NATIONAL prize-winner.

Mr and Mrs Maldwyn Thomas. At their 2007 *True Taste of Wales* Award night. Aran Lamb Brand recognised.
Mr & Mrs Thomas. At 2007 *True Taste of Wales* Award night.

'Organic' Aran Lamb Brand butcher selected Prime Welsh Mountain Lamb and Mutton to our clients complete satisfaction. Your meat is processed and despatched to your order and speedily delivered to your kitchen door. The order is delivered within 24 hours safeguarded within a FREE hygienic insulated container, moreover 'Organic' Aran Lamb give this security of product without charge. Finally you should know what our wining ways really mean for your family food selection and security.
2003/4 'Organic' Aran Lamb won the National Farmers Union - *National Good Food Award*. ~ 2004/5 The farm won many local food awards in Food Shows and Farmers Market in North Wales. ~ 2005/6 'Organic' Aran Lamb won the National GREEN DIRECTORY Lamb & Mutton Awards. ~ 2007/8 the coveted 'True Taste of Wales' Premier Quality '6 of the best' - NATIONAL AWARD. ~ There is so much the be found and enjoyed from within the 'Organic' Aran Lamb Web-site. We also have special Lamb and Mutton products all from our selected prime quality Welsh Mountain Lamb & Mutton. Have you tried our award-winning flavour filled Lamburgers? These are now selected by many School Caterers. Salt & additive FREE & 100% real meat. Kid's *Lovit~Treat*.

21st November 2005. - Taste Test Results. - Report Highlights:
The Judges Comments - "For special recognition we singled out":

· "The Leg of lamb from the Welsh mountains produced by Aran Lamb.
It simply tasted like no other lamb we had ever tasted, so sweet and full of flavour."

· "And finally, mutton. Not tried it before? Aran Lamb mutton - almost like a cross between beef and lamb, but much sweeter than beef.
Cook it slowly - lovely.

Green Directory Logo.

The Gold Bar Rules.
The Liverpool Daily Post - North Wales Daily Newspaper.
Rural Affairs Editor.

MUTTON, once derided as a poor substitute for lamb, is back in favour, a North Wales Internet retailer believes.
Margaret Thomas, who runs Aran Organic Lamb with husband Maldwyn, said the business was struggling to meet the demand for mutton.
She said: "A lot of top chefs have been putting mutton on their menus which has made it more fashionable -

- again. And last year Prince Charles launched his Mutton Rennaisance campaign, which also helped."
At this year's Royal Welsh Winter Fair Mrs Thomas was runner-up in the Tarming Connect Learner title in the Land-based Learner of the Year Awards, run by rural skills agency Lantra.
Sales have risen 76% in the last three years at Aran Organic Lamb, run from the Thomas' farm at CwmOnnen, Llanuwchllyn. They've taken on a part-time butcher and have

struck contracts with neighbouring farmers to supply organic lamb through their website.

The Mags Photo.
Lantra Learners of the Year successes - Margaret Thomas (Left)    &
Alison Evans.   (Right)

The CAMBRIAN NEWS - Thursday 19th February 2004.

The Thomas family from Bala have farmed the Aran Mountains for well over a century.
Maldwyn Thomas is the tenth generation of the 'Thomases' to have farmed at Cwm Onnen Farm. There he and his wife Margaret are now reaping the reward of years of hard work to ensure organic recognition for their lambs.
But organic farming is nothing new to the Thomas family, according to Maldwyn. "We have always practised traditional hill farming, which has been "organic" by the nature of our geographic location. We farm one third of the Aran Mountains, and the very nature of our farming methods means that options that would involve adding chemicals to our steep, angled acreage are just impossible," said Mr Thomas. Their organic lamb business has now won first prize in the Welsh stage of the National Farmer Union - Farming Excellence Awards, in the category "Great British Food".
Like all Welsh hill farmers they have known tough times, but the Thomases have turned their long-held commitment... the Welsh Mountain Sheep breed into a business which supplies quality food for their customers.
Realising that Welsh hill farmers must adapt to survive, Maldwyn and Margaret devised an action plan for the farm which revolved around attaining organic status for the small Welsh Mountain lambs, which are ideal for private sale. It has been a long and hard road for both Maldwyn and Margaret, but one which is now proving to be worthwhile. "Taking our unchanged, 18th century north Wales hill farm and establishing a hi-tec system for producing and marketing 'Aran-Lambs' has not been easy," said Mr Thomas. "As hill farmers we have needed to master stock rotation systems, walk-in refrigeration, cutting rooms. refrigerated vans, computerised accountancy, and ongoing Web-site development, plus effective communication with our customers throughout Britain. Aran Lamb will now go on to the UK finals to fight it out against other food producers for the NPU's prestigious Great British Food award.
By Carwyn Memedydd.

Slaughtering to 'High' Standards
Reg&Lic 'Organic' Slaughter House.

Race Of Aran. ~THE INCREDIBLE ARAN LAMB 'MOUNTAIN' RACE ~ Nearly 5 years ago there were 50 or more runners in the first Organic Aran-Lamb 'Fell' Race up the The Aran-Lamb Logo Aran Mountain and back down. Now, years later, after steady growth over 100 competitors run the exciting and remarkable event which is fully sponsored by 'Organic' Aran Lamb Brand Prime Lamb & Mutton. Plan to come to the exciting race each month of MARCH.
Go HERE for more details of 2007 Aran Hill RAce.
The Gold Bar Rules.

A Short History & Heritage of Fferm CwmOnnen.
Registered 'Organic' Hill Farm.

In a few words it would be almost impossible to tell you our complete family story which reaches back many generations. However, I can tell you of today. From the peak of Yr Aran I have seen on a clear bright day, miles away to Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) and Cader Idris, the weather changes in minutes up there, suddenly to a white-out, or torrential rain, even blinding snow, as the temperature drops 15 degrees in as many minutes. Like my forefathers, all ten of them before me, I have suffered the anger and the softness of this fine mountain. For years we have walked the ridge, moving our ewes up or down the Aran, according to the seasons. Tradition Thomas Family CrestNever, have there been such changes in the markets for the produce from our dedicated Sheep Farm. The way we can sell on the 'Internet' is a major change in these mountains. My whole life has been changed - Even the way we face the challenge's of modern hill-farming would leave my ancestors speechless! In our North Wales valleys we missed the Foot and Mouth epidemic of 2001. However, there is more to worry about as we try to change our ways, to sell our produce direct. My forefathers would never have imagined it possible - that from our family farm, a descendant, a grandson ten times removed, would be able to sell our beautiful tasty produce direct. What is even more of a fundamental change is that we sell and deliver fresh Organic Aran-Lamb to any part of the United Kingdom, in most cases on next-day delivery. You can be sure, Aran Lamb is a total quality 'organic' product. I am looking forward to sending some to you often. 2002 was my first successful year, on the Internet, when I sold out of my 'limited edition' lambs. Remember, you can save the delivery charge and have a day out, to meet me, and collect your order. We are only 4 hours away from anywhere with modern motorway's. You are always welcome. Thank you very much. Or, as we say in Welsh ~ 'Diolch yn fawr'. ~

Maeldwyn Thomas.

The Gold Bar Rules.
The Gold Bar Rules.

For you and your Family.

The 'Fferm Organig CwmOnnen' applies the tradition of farming, almost identical to my Grandfather's concept. Being 'Organic' means in today's modern world, a sustainable farming system which maintains the long-term fertility of the soil and uses less of the Earth's finite resources to produce high quality, nutritious food. Organic farming has developed from an understanding of soil science, crop breeding, animal husbandry and a balanced ecology. The maintenance of soil fertility relies principally on the use of clover as a natural producer of soil nitrogen, and a limited application of composted animal manure and ground rock minerals. Weeds are controlled by mechanical methods while pests and diseases tend not to be a problem due to the inherent bio-diversity and isolation of the Hill-Farming system. The 'Organic' Welsh hill-farm is a very small part of the UK's overall food production. However, Organic hill farming is expanding at a dramatic rate. By contact between the producer and the Consumer, - Organic hill-farming is set to be the most exciting sector within the agricultural industry. Unlike most food assurance schemes, organic food production is subject to effective statutory control. As the grower of 'Prime Welsh Organic Aran-Lamb', I have needed to select a registered 'organic processor' for preparation of the meat. It is a strictly regulated group of 'Organic' specialists who are involved in organic food production and processing. We are subject to EC Regulations, which have been incorporated into the laws of the United Kingdom. This Regulation (EC) 2092/91 became UK law in January 1992 and regulates all organic production. Its demands are many and binding for the 'Organic Lamb' producer. At 'Fferm CwmOnnen' I am subject to the Control and Inspection Authority implementing this British law. My Aran-Lamb logo conforms with the mandatory demand that organic food, for human consumption, must be clearly labeled. I am restricted by what inputs are permitted for soil fertilising and conditioning and pest and disease control. There are detailed recommendations on how 'Organic Aran Lamb' must be processed. There are no additional non-organic ingredients, non-agricultural materials such as additives and processing aids used. I am visited and inspected very frequently, as is my processor, being subject to detailed inspection of my purchases and farming methods. This confirmation, as with all producers, confirms all organic requirements are being fully met. I work according to Regulation 2092/91, how organic animal products must be produced and inspected. This became law on 24th August 2000 and, from that date, all organic plant and animal products became subject to statutory control. The consequence of this regulation is that as an 'Organic Farmer' I am registered with the Organic Farmers & Growers Authority. The farm has had a period of re-establishment for organic methods and there are regular inspections to ensure that Aran-Lamb meets these strict organic standards. With this control you are assured of the '~Aran~Lamb~'Organic'~Brand~'.
Donnan Anrias. Writer and Broadcaster. ©2001

The Gold Bar Rules.
The Agencies and Authorities we Support and use.
The Organic Ass.

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