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The National Open Day ~ Wednesday 16th June 2005.
At ''Organic' Aran-Lamb - Farm Cwm Onnen.
North Wales.
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June the 16th dawned to a grey light with a weak sun shining through the scarcely broken, heavy slow moving clouds. There was light showers forecast with sunny intervals!

That was the forecast - The reality? On the high slopes of Aran lay a heavy 'white out' of torrential 'tropical' rain. Almost a monsoon from the 2,000 feet ceiling to the 3,000 + summit. Then the were the heavy cloud's sitting on the high peaks of Snowdonia displayed on the satellite pictures. For June it all seemed the wrong sort of day. It was from these clouds poured the heaviest of rain's driven by a relentless west wind. To those who know these high mountains it was of course, falling horizontally! At Farm Cwm Onnen the previous three days toil had been exhausting, at last everything was 'nearly' ready. The Barn, I had last seen up to the ankles, on my wellington boots in lamb dropping's, had been cleared. Not just cleared, but steam cleaned! It was immaculate and smelt even sweet and really 'hygiene' clean. Margaret Thomas had been hard at work for a few days getting the catering ready - There was food, and food, and more food! The counter and the 'Farmers Food Show' equipment had been installed in the spotlessly clean catering shed, where hot roast Aran-Lamb Balm Cakes, hot soup with delicious tray bakes and many beverages were served. Wholesome 'farmers wife' snacks very welcome on this unusually cold 'wintered' June day.

The Overview at National Open Day.

While the main barn had been set up for the 'PowerPoint' Presentation's to be given by the collection of knowledgeable invited speakers later in the day. The floor had been arranged with straw bales for the visitors who might feel the strain of standing for a long period. It was a thoughtful provision where many could rest. While the posters and trade symbols left you in little doubt that this was the 'Premier 'Organic' Welsh Hill Farm'.

At the door the visitor found the original framed - NFU 2004 National Competition - Farming Excellence Award - Winner Welsh Region. In the yard, restrained in the shearing pen, twenty or more patient of Aran-Lamb Brand 'Organic' Ewes and Yearlings were suffering somewhat.

By mid-morning - this 'tropical' rainstorm, to equal the best of Novembers cruel soaking's, poured down relentlessly. The weather had made sure that they would be well subdued (Soaked!) by the afternoon. I saw water trickling down their patient faces as they wondered what on earth the penning and the people were all about this time. It was around one o'clock that the first traffic could be seen making their way up the long private road from the main Bala highway.

The view of Aran Benllyn & Aran Fawddwy on a winter afternoon in mid June!

This climb on a fine day offers some of the most magnificent views in North Wales. However, on this day alas, views of little more than two miles was possible - The peaks of the Arenig's Fawr were well hidden from view. The vista down the lake towards Bala, with the distant mountain range of Carnedd y Miallt to the northeast was well hidden from the visitors view. This must have been the most disappointing part of the day, for those who know and love Cwm Onnen Farm. That visitors were robbed of the magnificence of the setting for this national event was very disappointing.

It was around two in the afternoon when the 'Open Day', organised by Organic Centre Wales and Farm Connect, was finally into full swing. In the hour pervious a good number of visitors had arrived, excellent considering the weather. The Thomas family were delighted to see so many brave souls had travelled from Mid Wales, while others, from farther afield, had travelled up from South Wales. They had put in the effort and a big thank's to them was truly meant when Philip Jones - Organic Centre Wales in Aberystwyth, welcomed the audience.

A few of the Arrivals approch at National Open Day.

He introduced the guest speaker's who were present to bring into the public domain the full story and secret's surrounding the development of the successful 'Organic Aran-Lamb Brand'.

The scene was set for the audience by Mrs Margaret Thomas with her very effective, effortless and professional, 'PowerPoint' presentation of the 'Cwm Onnen Story'. Margaret Thomas generously gave much of their knowledge in the first, full information filled presentation. It is truly remarkable that in less than five years - with thousands of hours of hard, hard physical work by Maldwyn Thomas and his sons that they have transformed his inherited Hill Farm to a modern new style production unit. With even longer hours, supported by a small 'mountain of money', the 'virtuality' of Cwm Onnen was constructed. The Farm has become internationally well known - by school children on 'virtual field trips' to Wales, from distant New Zealand - ExPat Welshmen in 'North America' buying the celebration 'Organic Welsh Mountain Aran-Lamb' for their relatives Birthday's and Christmas gifts. All these and more international purchase's are delivered to the 'Kitchen Door' of the distant parts of Britain. To south coasts and city customers in England, some on the Isle of Man and the Isle of White.

A Welsh welcome in the Aran hillside from Phillip Jones - Organic Centre Wales in Aberystwyth.

The web entity - - with it's set of supporting web-site's - and - have positioned the 'Organic Aran-Lamb' Internet identity on almost all the Search Engines in the webs 'virtual' world. The web-site 'ranking' of Aran-Lamb is now in the highest level. The web-site enjoys extremely high traffic density. At factor's which only a few web-site's are fortunate to reach. To Maldwyn Thomas 'content' matters and partly due to the incredible source of Welsh knowledge, of places to go, things to do in all of Wales, the web-site has created probably one of the highest tourist content locations of any of the Welsh International Web-site's. There are now over 1,350 outward facing 'web-link's' looking out on the 'web' from Wales. While on the reverse, as at June 2005, over 350 web-sites were looking inwards at Aran-lamb with a direct 'web-link' to the famous site.

However, the success goes on as the wave of business gathers a pace. It was but days after the open day, Harvey Nichols, the Prestige Butchery in the West End of London, finalised plans and started stocking their weekly delivery of 'Organic Aran-Lamb' - Truly more than a feather in Maldwyn Thomas and his families hat's! The afternoon of the National Open Day seemed to slip away rapidly as the interest in the story, what had happened, what the Gwynedd County Council were planning for 2006 and beyond unfolded. The details of the options for the 'export' of Welsh Lamb and Food Products, not just to our nearest neighbour England, but further afield to Europe and beyond, gave many of the audience much to consider.

Margaret Thomas delivers the hidden story of determination.

Mr Phil Alcock - Gwynedd Chief Environmental Officer, described the support Maldwyn Thomas had enjoyed. In fact he confirmed that it would be this level of support any organic farmer in Wales, can look forward to from his local governance should they make the decision to follow Maldwyn Thomas footsteps. The clear message was - "Get us involved early, in the initial stages. We can help and save you time and money in many ways."

We were expertly informed by Manon Williams - Trading Standards Gwynedd of the weights and measures jurisdiction. She developed and explained packaging and labelling expectations for produce being sold from the Farm. Manon described simply the labyrinth of legislation for those present who may be planning to enter the direct to consumer market. Finally, we enjoyed a round up and description of the help and support every Welsh Farmer can expect ,and will get, from Farm Connect and Cymad. June Jones - Cymad Agri Co-ordinator, explained what Grants, such as the Primart Marketing Grant, and other help was available to start a business direct from your farm. Eventually the day was rounded off with thanks to all concerned by Philip Jones - who acted as the 'Master of Ceremonies'? Altogether it was a very special, professional and illuminating well spent day. There was much more for all those who travelled to, and spent time with, the interesting and informative presenter's. While the weather was distinctly November most of the day, the sunshine which was natural in the warmth of the welcome and ambience of a successful 21st century 'virtual' Hill Farm, was in evidence to all who were there to learn.

Mr Phil Alcock sets the record on its 'straight line' of facts.

They came to see and hopefully pick up some vital and important ideas. From the immaculate Cwm Onnen farm and its surroundings, the entire acreage of excellent and high quality enclosure fencing to its lush natural pasture's, to the clean and tidy layout of the farm itself. With its permanent three bay shearing shed, stand alone retail shop with full refrigeration. Refrigerated Van transportation for National product delivery, it all seemed to glow and inspire a number of those present to spend time after the event was finished. Many talking in depth with a number of the experts and of course, head to head with the 'Master of Internet Farming in Wales' - Maldwyn Thomas. There is a true saying - "Nothing breeds success like success!" - This is the first Welsh Hill Farm to take the plunge 'alone' and 'individually' into the boiling caldron of 'direct marketing'. - Those who worked so hard for this 'Open Day' can only hope that this 'big spark' from an exciting success will kindle a national fire of vigorous competitive export marketing of Wales Farm production. It is all there to do - It just needs the brains, support, money and finally the courage. Plenty of all these were on display on the 16th June 2005 at 'Organic Aran-Lamb Brand' - Cwm Onnen Farm National Open Day.

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