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Wales for Inspiration.

A 'Hill-Farmers' NET-MAGAZINE introducing


Produced for you in the 'home' of Prime Welsh 'Organic' Aran Lamb.

A brief look at Wales of the past, present and the future.
Complete with the latest Welsh New's as at NOW!

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Hi there. Your first time here? - Welcome to this, my 'Tourist Information NET-MAGAZINE 'Magical Wales'. If you are lucky, you are counting the days off in 2004 on your 'Origins Calendar' a wonderful Dave Newbold Wales Calendar. We are. I have a problem this year [2004] - This file is about at maximum. We are trying to decide, scrub out the old edition and put new in - Or, open a new 'second' page to this holiday and 'Revealing Tour Planner'. As I said last year. You may be a person who has never been to Wales - or you may come frequently. Like those following my favorite sport, each year in the Welsh 'rally-stages' (This is a 'great site' we fully support.) You may come to your favourite places, hidden little secret locations that you treasure. Or you may be thinking of deepening your skills and awareness. We have much to offer in Wales. Take for example the treasure of Wales, which has been captured by Photographer Dave Newbold (all ready mentioned of 'Origins Calendar' fame). Dave has allowed us to use some of his great photograph's on this our Aran-Lamb web-site. Now even greater news! Here is Dave's Web-site. Enjoy! The pictures are a real introduction for those who have never seen or been to Wales. With some interesting starting points, like this one. If you stay anywhere in North Wales you can not be more than a couple of hours from Aran-Lamb - Why not call and pick up your order on the way home? Many famous people spend time in Wales, even Holywood Star's find it incredible ?

Wales is an intriguing and interesting country. It is a holiday destination which has everything to interest and delight everyone. There are three million residents living in our country, not counting the summer visitors. That is of course the whole country, North, Mid and South Wales. If you want the tour companies interpretation - look here. [Get more knowledge here.]As you will soon realise, this is a world of high mountain ridge walks, miles of golden sands with some of the cleanest sea-water bathing in Europe. With some really magnificent 'Top Rated' Beaches and much more. We have lots of old castles. Quaint Market Towns, Craft Centers, Woolen Mills and Theme Museums, where time seems to have stood still. To help you see lot's of Wales in a few minutes try this excellent web-site for images. The 'water-mark' on the photographs is to stop people copying and using without permission. The copyright laws. We are proud to draw this, and another web-site's featuring Wales, to your attention. Like this luxury location, not far from Aran-Lamb. Again easy for you to collect your order. Wales is a land of beauty, adventure and creativity. We have Film Star's also. Like in our own ' Welshywood' - Still producing! As you can see and recognise, a holiday or day-out can be an adventure, if of course you know some of the better locations, and the fun things to do. Plus some very interesting places to see. Yes Wales has the ingredients for a super leisure filled holiday or weekend. This web-site proves the point. More importantly, with the 'motorway' network, the North Wales area is but a few hours from anywhere in England. Also, we have the same 'caring sort' of people services. This web-site will bring those few 'caring' words into focus.

As I tell my English friends: You don't need a visa! We use the same money, and sometimes we speak the same language! Our policemen look the same, just a bit more advanced than most, and you have no need to change the time on your wristwatch! Unless you are racing the clock! Seriously, I ask you, is it time for you to explore this magical part of Britain for a few days each year? Think of all those 'golden beaches' waiting for you and your family? You could even make your visit plans into 'day's-out' picking up your 'Aran-Lamb' directly from the farm. I would love to meet you. To get you aquatinted with my world is the reason, the objective behind why I have produced this little 'e.magazine page', with the help of our friends at 'Google' to simply introduce you to Wales. Enjoy your trip. Oh yes.... Before you set off, get the best index to North Wales on your favorites. Its called North Wales Directory. You will find just about everything, including accomodation that you could want to buy, see, visit or investigate. Don't forget - The Red Kite feeding? A ' Welsh Gold' mine? Yes, you can also find much more than these in that North Wales Directory. Of course you will find 'Organic' Aran-lamb listed. Oh yes! And take a look at four of our famous towns from the air.

Snowdon the summit in winter.
Summit of Snowdon in Mid-Winter.
There is a Railway to the top.

We have many private railways in North Wales. This first one you should consider visiting and riding to the summit aboard. It is the Snowdon Mountain Railway. This is only one of many fine private 'steam' powered railway's in North Wales. There is the Ffestiniog Mountain Railway, once used to bring slate from the mountain quarries down to the docks at Portmadog. From here Slate was shipped all over the world to provide the roofing materials, which are still affording shelter in today's world of 'high-tech' roofing. A ride on this train takes you back to the mid-eighteen hundreds, it is a real adventure. Some of the trains have a Buffet-Car in the season. While you are in the Ffestiniog area, why not visit the Slate Museum and Caverns? Yes, still partially active from over 150 years ago. While on that subject, if you have an interest in old photographs, this gallery has some fine specimin's. Anyway, back to the Ffestiniog Railway - It climbs an extended journey from Porthmadog to Ffestiniog. All of twenty, or more, miles winding upwards through magnificent scenery. There is another 'full-scale' railway following the River Dee up the valley from Llangollen. This is the town famous for the International Music Festival, and the annual Festival of Transport. What music festival we call in Welsh the Eisteddfod. The town is on the A5 and the railway is in the town center, next to the massive Dee Bridge. This is the 'Dee Valley Railway' an excellent day out for children of all ages! A little south of Aran Mountain you will discover the Talyllyn Railway up the vally from the coast at Tywyn, almost to the feet of Cader Idris. It is another spectacular journey by steam train. Further south, yet again, you will discover the Devil's Bridge Railway. However, I like getting all the information in one place, it helps. So, have a look at Welsh Highland Railway. You will find out all about our 'Independent Welsh Railway's' here! While you are planning, have a look at the roads in Wales. This is an excellent web-site to get a feel for the excellent roads we enjoy. Real easy driving, well, most of the time.



Market day - The final Judgement?
Few realise, the world of the 'Hill-Farmer' is completely unique, unlike the way others work. I could not imagine what it would be like in factory or office. We work alone, all year through (Here find load's of Welsh Photographs.), with just our 'dogs' for company. Then the fateful day arrives - We go to market and the 'market' on that single day, is judge of our previous years work. Rearing the 'cynefin' as they are sometimes known locally, which literally translates as 'sheep with their own habitat'. - Yes they are very different from other breeds these Welsh Mountain Sheep.

You may have read elsewhere on my web-site that my Grandfather was an American citizen. That was a long story, and I have promised to finish it soon. As I have American in me, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Cymdeithas Madog. Surprised? Anyway, we must get back to the 'market'! As I said 'The Market' is the overall judge of our world and effort's. It is also a measure of our success in high altitude stock rearing and finishing. Those markets are filled with livestock most days of the week. However, once a month on a selected day thhey make an eciting day out for holidaymaker's. Yes, the market's are great entertainment, it's really exciting bidding for a little item, a Spode Plate, A Wedgewood vase. So while on holiday in Wales find the Household Auctions, some excellent antiques, reproductions and 'Bric á Brac', as an alternative to the livestock sale. This varied stuff is what they sell in the North Wales Auction Room's. Always good for a day out, find them, auctioneers that is, in this Directory then send them an e.mail to find the market days and locations. We are about five miles from Bala. A south westerly winter gale blowing up a swell on Bala Lake.This view is taken in the 1950's, from the reed beds at the eastern end, now alas, they have almost died away. You are looking up Bala Lake towards Aran, the peak hidden beneath cloud's on the left, top of the picture. This typical angry picture was taken on a stormy winters day. However, there is still hope for 'sunshine' - you can just see the edge, the white patch, in the storm clouds in the distance. It is a lovely day in Barmouth! There are many unique ideas for holidays in Wales the 'Land of Music', like this one for musicians in Pwllheli. However, never worry about the weather, we have a saying - "Don't like the weather? Wait and hour!" - This photograph of Bala Lake gale and its waves is a typical winters day photograph. You can see the storm driven winds blowing from the south west, they have disturbed the usually peaceful lake, its a harsh wind which has swept the full length, churning and driving rolling waves against the shore. A very cold wind in the dead of winter, and yet, in our modern world, young wind-surfers beat back and forth in such treacherously ice-cold conditions. But there is so much more - The whole of the Dee Valley is steeped in myth and local legend's. The most positive way to identify holiday locations for old and ancient castles and in particular ancient stone circles and ancient monuments is the list shown on this web-page here. So much this country has to tell the visitor. Like the 'hill-fort' - Caer Drewyn - on the mountain above Corwen. Or. like, the old town of Bala which lies drowned beneath the lake of the same name; and one day it is said, the lake will swallow up the new Bala. Here too, lies the body of Charles - The Harpist who over 200 years ago is said to have given himself to the Devil for feeding communion bread to dogs. He drowned one night on his way home to Bala from a feast at Fach Ddeiliog, now a country house hotel. They say, the story-tellers, that each year about the same time, a cloud of smoke hangs over the spot where he sank. No doubt it was in weather such as the storm picture depicts. He may have tried to pass across the reed beds at the end of the lake. Alas, having had too much 'medicine' he was oblivious of a storm! Anyway, it's a nice story. So to more old myth and legend's. These are a few interesting photograph's taken from the 'Thomas Family Album' - A number of the 'flock' - myself (younger) and at that time one of our prize Ram's, and other odd photographs you may enjoy. Here a small part of the flock awaits the next phase of life on the hill-farm.
The Flock awaiting sorting.  The Ram with Squire Thomas.
The fine specimen of the male of the species. - The 'Welsh Mountain Ram' - And of course, myself 'mumble, mumble' many years ago. A photograph taken at a 'Show' with a foundation member, of our modern fine 'Welsh Mountain Sheep' stock-line. (This link may 'not' be active - Try this link to Aberystwyth University of Wales - Research in Organic Farming. If that's not working? sorry!) Our flock goes back almost 10 human generations. Once upon a time, we had a market for the fleece from our sheep. Here is an old photograph of a fine example of a 'Welsh Mountain Ram' showing off a good heavy fleece. - A fine progenitor from many years ago in our bloodline history, during the continuous and ongoing development, refining and consolidation. It is not possible to just drop on the best quality of lambs. It takes generations. CwmOnnen Stock Ram - the 'Sixties'. Oh, how things have changed. Now we almost give the wool away. You can still get the products of the Welsh Fleece 'Winter Warmers' if you look closely into the potential of the Internet. We know of a few more woollen goods producer's. There is much on the Internet I should raise as important - Poetry from Wales has a great depth. Not only did we have Dillon Thomas. We were fortunate to have another poet of worth - R.S.Thomas had deep skills also. Try these words, it will help you understand a little about this wonderful, historic country which maybe holds remain's of the Briton's in secret for the future. When you visit the farm, this is the view from the 'middle' gate, looking north towards Arenig Mountain.
The right hand photo tells its own story - Taken from the top of Aran, as the white out sweeps in, on the north east wind of winter. Temperatures rapidly drop with the 'wind-chill' factor. Below in the valley, they stoke the fires for the cold night ahead.

There are many Roman remains around and within the Farm area. Roman Hill Forts and Look-out towers filled this end of the valley. While Bala itself is steeped in history. There is a find view of Aran-Lamb mountain on this web-site. There are other locations to see and enjoy. There is the Bala Lake Railway, a great little ride. The ruined abbey in Dogellau, The Giant Forts in Caernafon, Beaumaris and Harlech, plus lots more in Gwynedd. Then there are the many gardens. Bodnant Gardens being the most famous. Well worth a visit at the right times of the year. Then there are the National Trust Houses open to the public, one of the most charming must be Plas yn Rhiw - Fifty years ago Plas yn Rhiw, with its lovely gardens set in the deep heart of the LLyn Peninsular, was given to The Trust by the Keating sisters. The house will hold a programme of events throughout the year to mark the occasion. National Trust can give you all the information for North Wales at their web-site.
Few who visit North Wales are able to find the myth's and story's without being lucky to meet somebody who can explain to them the richness of local history. To enter into the 'knowledge' try a quick visit to this web-site. The index column has a wealth of knowledge. The Aran Range in itself has a history. This winter view, with the snow lying on the peak, gives you a clear idea where Organic 'Aran-Lamb' originates. On a clear winters day, in crisp bright sunlight, it is possible to see almost 30 miles. North West to Snowdon, Due west to the Sea in Cardigan Bay, and in the East, the Clwyd Range, and the Berwyn Mountains and beyond the English Border.

The ridge of Aran.

Only a few miles west from Aran runs, the now famous again, main road which starts in Snowdonia and ends in Cardiff. This ancient way is followed unknowingly by many, particularly where the old highway has been adopted in places by the modern road builders. Sarn Helen is still an important route. Today the overgrown and forgotten parts of it are for the adventurer's on two wheeled mountain bikes. Yes, if I was thirty years younger! These Mountain-Biker's are a rare breed of hardy humans! They are catered for here in Wales in spades. The Forest's of North Wales cater for the 'M'biker and their need for routes. There is 'Coed y Brenin' - The King's Forest - has bike trails carved out of the rock purely for use by MTBer's. Strictly no walkers allowed. There are currently 3 proper MTB routes, the Karrimor trail, the Red Bull route and the MBR route and they're all awesome! The next web-site is a great place to start your Wales Walking Plans. Northern parts of Sarn Helen, plus Six classic and family routes, up Snowdon and lots more is here on the 'The Map Shop' web-site. When you visit the farm I shall be able to show you the ancient road that crosses the hillside, just below the farmhouse. There is so much heritage here and around Aran. We must not forget those who 'get a kick' out of Horses and such like. I hope you find this information of value. This E.MAGAZINE must become the biggest source of information for North Wales. You know my saying. "I like getting the information in one place." - This is one of those. A bit more than Wales, but I think its valuable.

Let me introduce you to some mountain views. This first one is the view over the Mawddach Estury.
One of the Three Special Mountains - Cader Idris.   Map Mawddach Estury Map.
On a fine day - The walk along the 'panorama walk' is the view's you see here. I have marked the Panorama Walk with a red arrow for you to get the area to start your exploration. This Barmouth web-site can develop this for you quicker and in more detail. You start out almost in the middle of Barmouth. A great day out, alone for couples, or the family.
The Cader Range
The view from the Panorama Walk. And the higher view when you near the top or end, the bigger it seems to become. The potential for walks and mountain bike runs is tremendous in this part of North Wales. The Forest Sections of the RAC International Rally of Great Britain uses these roads which are open to pleasure-seekers all the year round. If this link fails on you try the direct front page here! Well now, we are going on longer than I intended. Of course, if you are enjoying this, then a little more to finalise my help for your 'holiday' or 'long-weekend' planning. If you remember The 'Prisoner' a remarkable internationally aclaimed television series, well that was filmed almost entirely at Portmerion. You can find out all about this at their web-site here.

The photograph above on this page is Copyright 2000, Kipp Teague.
The Prisoner is Copyright Carlton International Media Limited


There are a couple of places I must mention. Over the back of the mountain of Aran is a village called Corris. Here, about thirty years ago a group of thinkers and naturalist's established the 'Alternative Energy Center' - Well worth a day out for the family and very informative. Mole-holes, human size and such like. The kids will love it. Well worth a visit. If you travel a little north of here you will come to Beddgelert. Lovely little story about the dog 'Gelert' from whom the village is named. The 'bed of gelert'! The Bed of Gelert.Set deep in the valley south east of Snowdon, it is well worth the time to visit. Has a wonderful 'fresh' Ice-Cream shop with all the flavor's you could imagine. This picture here gives you some idea of the beauty which awaits you. And the grave in the story? Well, that is for you to discover. You would not want me to spoil your fun.
The Fairy Glen - A place of great mystery.The final secret place is this little wonderland of 'Swallow Falls' - It's on the A5 to the west - Bangor Road - out of 'Betws-y-coed' - Anytime of the year you can find great peace here. A lovely little dell! Finally, a few places you may find useful to stay at if you are coming up from London, from Yorkshire or The Midlands for the weekend to collect your 'Prime Aran-Lamb'- There are a few nice hotels to stay at. Close to Aran and over-looking the 'Panoramic View' of Cader Idris you have seen above is the Bontddu Hall Hotel. You can see this scenic hotel here. Then over the range to the south is the wonderful scenic beauty of the Lake Vyrnwy. A water storage lake, like so many in North Wales, this one supplies the tap-water for parts of the Midlands in England. Above the lake is the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel. A splendid isolation. They have a nice web-site in French if you prefer another language to add to the experience of this Welsh Hill-Farmers Web-Site? Finally, only about 12 miles east of CwmOnnen Farm is Palé Hall Hotel. Their web-site gives you all the information just click on the hyper-link Here. [Reprise - And again here.]Well that just about completes what I was wanting to present to you in my little web-magazine. There is so much beauty to be seen in Wales. You turn a corner in the road, there is a magnificent panorama before your eyes. At all times of the day, at all times of the year, this country presents you with images which remind one of another place, elswhere on planet Earth. Here is just such a beauty, an image that could be the highlands in The Scotland, or the lower slopes of the Andes, the high Pyrénees. It is however the The Rhinog Range in the dawn light of a winters morning, sharp and with the mist still lying in the valley below. It seems the picture would be complete with a stag in the forground. The makings of a good basic picture for the 'monarch of the glen'? To help you see the natural feel of this, have a look at the artists work here. The Rhinog Range at Dawn.There is still so much I can add - so much to be developed for inclusion later. Such things as reports of studies I have not touch upon, although one in particular is worth drawing to your attention, in view of my effort to sell fine quality 'Organic Welsh Aran-Lamb' against these 'multi-national' corporate competitors. If you have enjoyed this web-page, why not let me know. Well now. Nearly finished when I came across this amuzing 'gem' - only problem, it mentions sainsbury or somebody. Remember this web-site is all about 'Organic Aran-Lamb'! To end I should get you to say one phrase. You say it like this - "Dee Och en Vower" - In correct Welsh it is written 'Diloch yn fawr' - It means simply "Thank you very much" - For coming into my web-site.
I hope you have enjoyed your visit.
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Maldwyn Thomas.
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